Stone gray organic cotton satin sheet with elastic

1 290 Kč


Stone gray shade inspired by pure Nordic nature. Grounds and calms your emotions before bed.

You can combine a gray bed sheet with all colors of bed linen and they will always match you perfectly. Dark gray organic cotton satin bed sheet is a modern variation of the classic white bed sheet. Gray adds luxury to the bedroom and conjures up an extraordinary place for peaceful rest. Just stretch out and dream.

The highest quality bed linen in which you can cozy up.

  • Sewn-in 15 mm rubber perfectly hugs the entire length of the mattress
  • Practical short and long side labels
  • Sits on a mattress up to a height of 18 - 35 cm
  • Fine and soft to the touch
  • Quality material with long life
  • Easy maintenance - can be washed (40° C) and ironed
  • Minimalist design matches any interior