Refund policy

Return and exchange of goods

If you don't like your new Givili bedding or just don't look the way you want, you can of course return it within 30 days of purchase by law. However, do not forget that you must inform us of this fact within 14 days of receiving the goods.

Goods can only be returned or exchanged if they are unworn, packed in their original packaging and there are no visible signs of use. If all the above conditions for returning the goods are met within 14 days, we will refund the purchase price within approximately ten days of the returned goods (personal delivery or transport service). In the case of returning the goods by the transport service, we do not reimburse the costs associated with this transport.

Procedure for returning goods:

Please inform us about the intention to return the goods at . For faster acceptance of returned goods, please fill in the Document for return or exchange of goods and attach it to the goods. You can send your order to us through any branch of the Mail Order.

Refund of the purchase price is stipulated by law within 30 days, but if we meet the previous conditions, we return the money within approximately ten days by bank transfer to the account specified in your message or delivered with the goods.

Purchase Agreement Withdrawal Form - PDF